Large-size negoro bowl
Lacquer bowl for dairy use
Sophisticated negoro bowl
Lacquer bowl for dairy use

Even during busy times, we seek for a break to relax ourselves.

Lacquerware adds spice to our daily meal to make it more beautiful and precious. 

The bowl with covers also adds taste when used to keep sweets and other items.

            *  Price (w/o tax): Approx. 18,000JPY 


A tray in a rising sun design
Classical tray designed from Todai-ji Temple
30cm wide tray
Light and easy to handle tray

A tray is a tool to carry things, but it could be more than that…
A tray can also be used as a stage to display your hobby, such as a flower display tray, decoration place,

and a simple serving board.

            *  Price (w/o tax): Approx. 25,000 JPY -


Saucer (small plate)

Small negoro tea saucer
Tea saucer that colors the teacup
Saucer can be used as a small plate
Small lacquerware plate

A tea cup stands out when served with a saucer.

The small size lacquerware is handy for other purposes, too. 

It will decorate your dining table with joy.

        *Price (w/o tax): Approx. 20,000 (5 sets) JPY-


Sake bottle and cup

Shochu cup
Lacquer cup
Negoro katakuchi pitcher
Lacquerware to serve sake

It seems that people need to have a reason to drink.
In this sense, it is good to live in Japan where we can find reasons to drink in various seasonal events and

enjoy rich seasonal harvests.

           *Price (w/o tax): Approx. 15,000JPY -



The above list introduces part of my work. 

Please find new works at the exhibition. You will receive the information letter. 

To purchase the works, please contact Kuroda Toen (Ginza, Tokyo).