How to handle lacquerware

Trial is best way to learn how to handle lacquerware.
Once you get a hang of several points, the lacquerware will keep its beautiful shape longer. 


Maintenance of lacquerware follows simple three steps: 1) Wash 2) Rinse and3) Wipe the wet surface.

Although the lacquerware easily lasts decades even under daily use, please handle the work with care since it is made of natural wood.  

When not in use for extended periods of time, please store the lacquerware by wrapping it with soft paper or cloth or by placing them in between the lacquerwares. 


●Do not leave it under sunshine and ultraviolet light for an extended period of time.

 It may alter the color of the lacquerware.


Do not use gritty cleansers or scrubbers.

These may damage the lacquerware or alter its color.

Dish soap can be used to clean the lacquerware.


Do not use metal cutleries with lacquerware.

They may damage the lacquerware.

Please use wooden chopsticks or spoons.


Do not use microwave or oven.

It will damage the shape of the lacquerware or break it.

Do not heat the lacquerware.


Do not use dishwashers.

It may damage or alter the color of lacquerware.


*Lacquerware may cause rashes depending on your health condition. Under such circumstances,

please consult a doctor.  



Lacquer bowl used for over 30 years
Lacquer bowl used for over 30 years

Our kitchen cabinet 

2 child-size negoro bowls on the front row has been used every day for 30 years.